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Privacy Policy


JPMA deals to protect personal information with the greatest possible care. In the case of receiving the personal information from viewers of JPMA website upon viewer’s judgment, the information would be defined as much as possible, and opinions of viewers would be respected as for providing other information.

  1. [1] Obtaining ways

    JPMA would fair obtain personal information not through false or irregular ways.

  2. [2] Utilization of personal information

    When JPMA obtains personal information from viewers, JPMA will clearly indicate its aims and the information would be defined as much as necessary. Also JPMA will never utilize, supply or trust the information departing over the range of agreed usage aims or laws and criterions.

  3. [3] Safety supervision of personal information

    JPMA shall take necessary and suitable countermeasures against personal information leakage, lost or damage, or about safety supervision.

  4. [4] Trusting personal information

    When JPMA trust partially or wholly the dealing of personal information to a third party, JPMA shall investigate the party strictly, and supervise the party with necessary and suitable ways for the sake of keeping protection of trusted personal information.

  5. [5] Provision of personal information to a third party

    JPMA shall not provide a personal information to a third party without the provisional permission of the said person, except approval by regulation of the act on the personal information.

  6. [6] Disclosure, amendment and so on of personal information

    JPMA will disclose the personal information to the person himself soon after his request. However JPMA could not disclose it without confirming the person is identified.
    When the personal information include error or errors and the person request its correction, addition or deletion, JPMA shall soon take a countermeasure, however JPMA could not take the countermeasure without confirming the person is identified.
    As for handling a personal information of JPMA, if you have any above-mentioned request or questionnaire, please contact to JPMA written under.

    Address of Japan Powder Metallurgy Association
    Mail Address : info@jpma.gr.jp
    Tel : +81-3-3862-6646
    Office Hours : 9:00 – 17:00 (JST)
  7. [7] Change of the policy

    This policy might possibly be changed.
    The policy after changing will be valid when published in this web-site, except under the condition regulated separately.